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Choosing an accounting outsourcer is not an easy decision for any company. You need a reliable partner who can optimize your tax strategy and meet your outsourced accounting needs to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

We have accumulated a vast experience in providing accounting services to many companies and organizations. Our staff has spent tens of thousands of man-hours solving the tax and accounting problems for our clients.

So why should you choose the Golden Share as your accounting outsourcer? Here are the main reasons:

  1. Extensive Expertise

All the outsourced professionals who work as chief accountants for our client companies have successfully passed many interview selection processes and competency tests in accounting and personal qualities. Our thorough selection system gives us the edge on our competitors among the leading Ukrainian auditing and accounting companies.

We monitor changes and updates in laws and regulations and analyze any relevant information in the specialized Internet resources, newspapers and magazines. Any updates to the 1C system or other accounting software are applied immediately. Our staff receives comprehensive training via specialized programs, both in-house and outside.

That’s why the GS can provide customized accounting services to the highest professional standards.

  1. Packaged Services and Partnership Policy

Our company’s philosophy is to provide a package of services from business registration to any assistance in accounting, to financial audit and to legal or informational support.

We closely cooperate with many partner companies that can effectively complement our services in some related fields. Our partnership policy provides that if we cannot deliver a client some specific service ourselves, we hire a partner company to fit the client’s requirements.

  1. Accounting Outsourcing Benefits

In recent years, many companies reported a significant drop in their turnovers due to the economic recession. Now they need to reduce their operational costs, including the back-office functions such as accounting and legal service. Sometimes the burden of having to employ full-time accountants and lawyers is unreasonably heavy.

Many companies that outsourced their accounting needs to some well-known international auditors now reveals that they can enjoy the same or better services for a fraction of the cost.

Our very reasonable pricing policy and high-quality service make us highly competitive in the outsourced accounting market. We would be happy to see your company among our satisfied clients!

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