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How Does The Polygraph Pre-Employment Screening (Background Check) Help Secure Your Business?

We assist businesses and employers to hire the right person for the right job through psychological interviewing and polygraph testing. This type of background screening is openly carried out with the consent of the subject.

Such tests routinely uncover cases of falsification of qualifications or resumes, criminal record, undetected crimes and other unsuitable behavior or attributes.

While most job applicants are honest and hardworking individuals, some of them try to gain a job by misrepresenting their background, employment history, education, experience, and abilities on their resume and application.

Hiring the new staff the employer is worth paying attention to the person’s relationship to the most common factors: the reliability and loyalty of the future employee; relation to competitors; propensity to bad habits, for example, alcohol, drugs, smoking; destructive tendencies and their motives and so on.

The process is quick and cost-effective. Knowlegeable clients know the cost of hiring the wrong person – it can cause great financial loss, bankruptcy and damaged reputation.

How Does The Polygraph Periodic Screening Help Secure Your Business?

Periodic polygraph employee screening is akin to an organisational ‘health check’ to detect workplace crimes and malpractices early, before the cumulative effect results in considerable consequences.  In the face of increasing sophistication of criminals, especially cyber criminals, this is a preventive and deterrent measure to assist businesses and employers to assess the honesty and integrity of their employees periodically to eliminate or reduce potential financial or other types of losses or damage.

We have many clients using this type of lie detector tests to find out whether their staff are involved in corruption, collusion to steal expensive company products and materials, providing sensitive IT information to cyber criminals to hack into computer networks etc. Over time, our clients have realised that this type of polygraph testing have reduced or eliminated huge losses due to staff dishonesty.  Certain clients use such tests to assess their employees’ suitability for promotion or posting to positions of trust.

Our experience in polygraph personnel screening provides organisations with an effective proactive means to detect and/or deter such crimes. Through in-service polygraph testing, we help businesses identify the dishonest employees and also find out how much they have stolen so that corrective action can be taken. For many companies the time to act is now.

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