Payroll Outsourcing

For more than 15 years we have been providing a wide range of services for foreign companies/branches and subsidiaries: full accounting services, payroll management and HR administration, as well as legal and immigration services.

Our customers value our expertise in helping adapt their approaches and procedures to the national and cultural specifics of working within the Ukrainian market. We guide and accompany our clients through this process as a long term and reliable partner on their journey to organize and fine-tune all key aspects of their business processes in accordance with their new setting.

If you value your reputation as a good employer and want to ensure mutually satisfactory settlements with your employees, payroll outsourcing can be a great solution. We can guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of payments, help you avoid under– or over-payments, and eliminate the risk of claims against your business by state financial regulatory authorities.

Our accountants use universal and globally recognized software for a full payroll service by Golden Share with minimal costs to your business and full control over the quality of our work.

5 reasons for Payroll Outsourcing

  1. You experience high employee turnover in your payroll department, necessitating valuable time spent on hiring, training and integrating new employees.
  2. You are not satisfied with your current finance employees’ skill level or performance  (mistakes in reports; failed deadlines to submit reporting; issues with pension fund, social insurance fund or tax administration; insufficient knowledge of payroll software).
  3. An employee is temporarily unable to perform their duties (maternity or sick leave, etc.) but you would like to preserve their position and find a temporary solution for a period of six months – one year.
  4. As an interim solution to close the gap and fill positions during a finance employee transition period.   
  5. Payroll department requirements  have increased (the business structure has been modified, business processes and payment system have been changed, automation is being integrated) requiring a higher level of expert competency. 

By the way, if you have doubts or questions concerning your employee salary calculation results, we can offer you a free the payroll audit for any quarter.  This can help you not only to promptly remedy the situation, but also facilitate transition to a professional outsourcing solution, armed with all the specific facts and figures you need to make an informed decision. 

Let us address your needs and bring you the results you truly want.

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