Candidate assessment

– fairly compare internal and external candidates – non-biased

– honest candidate presentation – good AND areas of concern

– client-owned candidate data – control be presented to competitors


Personal assessment produces information to support successful personnel decisions. It can be used during a recruitment process for evaluating the suitability of a candidate and for analyzing the development potential and needs of both individuals and organizations.

Professionally implemented and reported personal assessment with the related feedback form an excellent basis for improving, for example, managerial and interpersonal skills. The assessment supports also improvements to the efficiency of personal working habits and the wellbeing of employees at the workplace.


The personal assessment customized for experts is used for evaluating the personal abilities and qualities in relation to the requirements of the expert work.
The personal assessment broadly surveys the candidate’s motivation and career plans, working methods, information handling skills, problem-solving skills, decision-making style, and interaction skills in relation to the requirements of the position.



– Ensures a recruitment decision that is fitting in the current situation and with respect to future resources

– Can also be used for the organization’s resource planning (career development and successor planning)

– The feedback from the assessment provides clear views of the applicants that can be used for

– Understanding their work behavior and its development



The manager assessment predicts how persons can manage and develop complex work entities and are able to lead others.


– Provides information on work behavior, development potential and the direction of career goals

The personal assessment produces information on the candidate’s management and leadership abilities. This produces deeper knowledge of the person’s current management skills, development potential and needs. Based on these, the person’s ability to advance to more demanding tasks can be assessed.


– Ensures a correct recruitment decision and strengthens the competitive ability

The assessments can be utilized in the planning of the whole organization’s resources. The assessments strengthen the company’s operational ability and competitiveness by offering tools to recognize and develop the manager resources most efficient for the business.

Feedback supports personal development

Manager assessments ensure the commitment of important professionals. The feedback also gives the candidates clear views for the management and development of their own managerial performance and leadership behavior.

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