Candidate assessment:

  • objectively compares internal and external candidates in an unbiased manner
  • impartial candidate presentation – assets AND areas of concern

Personality assessment tests help generate relevant information to inform successful personnel decisions. They can be used during the recruitment process for evaluating the suitability of a candidate and for analyzing the development potential and needs of both individuals and organizations.

Professionally administered personality assessment tests with resulting feedback form an excellent basis for understanding and improving, for example, an employee’s managerial and interpersonal skills. It can also help an employer address and improve employee efficiency, personal work habits, and improve overall wellbeing in the workplace. 

The personality assessment test customized for business owners is used for evaluating personal abilities and qualities in relation to necessary work expertise qualifications and requirements.

The personality assessment test broadly surveys the candidate’s motivation and career plans, work methods, information handling skills, problem-solving skills, decision-making style, and interaction skills in relation to the requirements of the position.


  • Ensures an advantageous recruitment decision is reached in regards to not only the current situation but taking into account future prospects and demands as well. 
  • Can also be used for the organization’s resource planning (career development and successor planning)
  • Feedback from the assessment provides clear views of the applicants and insights that can be used for
  • Understanding their work behavior and personal development

The leadership assessment test evaluates a person’s management skills and leadership abilities 


Provides information on work behavior, development potential and the direction of career goals

The personal assessment produces information on the candidate’s management and leadership abilities. This provides deeper knowledge of their current management skills, development potential and needs. Based on these, the individual’s ability to advance to more demanding tasks can be assessed.

Ensures advantageous recruitment decisions, which strengthen your company’s competitive ability

Personality assessment tests can be utilized in administering and managing the full range of the organization’s personnel resources. Personality assessment tests can strengthen the company’s operational capacity by offering tools to help recognize and develop the managerial resources most valuable to the business.

Feedback supports personal development

Manager assessments ensure the commitment of important professionals. The feedback also gives the candidates clear views for the management and development of their own managerial performance and leadership behavior.

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